Danish & U.S. Archivists visit the VI Archives
Poul Olsen, Susan Lugo & Svend Holsoe    S.Lugo, P. Olsen, S.Holsoe & Director Bough
Poul Olsen, archivist at the Danish National Archives, along with Svend E. Holsoe, Ph.D, professor emeritus and archivist visited the Caribbean Collection & archives at the Florence Williams Public Library.  Territorial Coordinator for the Archives Susan Lugo and the Territorial Director of the division were on hand to greet the distinguished visitors.

Territorial Archives
The Territorial Archives are housed at the Enid M. Baa Library on St. Thomas and the Florence Williams Library on St. Croix under the government of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Department of Planning and Natural Resources, Division of Libraries, Archives & Museums.
The collections contain early records written in Danish, funeral booklets, yearbooks, local government documents, former Delegate Ron deLugo's congressional papers, and much more.
In 1967, the Legislature authorized the establishment of the Territorial Archives, but it wasn't until 20 years later that it provided funding. The National Archives loaned the territory an archivist in 1988, but Hurricane Hugo came along in 1989 and laid waste to the cataloguing already done at Florence Williams. The archives program languished after the loaner archivist left in 1992.
In January of 2008, Mrs. Susan Laura Lugo was appointed by Governor John P. deJongh, Jr. as the Territorial Coordinator for the Archives. Lugo has a Master in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois.
On behalf of the division, Lugo finalized  work on a grant application that will give the Territorial Archives $40,000 to plan how it will deal with all the territorial government's documents. If the grant happens, Territorial Archives will then be eligible for a $500,000 grant to implement the program.
During the month of October, Archives Month, Lugo in conjunction with Archives Month, a national event celebrated for the first time this year in the Virgin Islands, conducted a series of speaking events and workshops. Lugo also unveiled a poster featuring the 17 women who served in the Legislature. The poster, which will be used as an educational tool, doesn't have names included with the pictures.

The St. Croix African Roots Project (SCARP) launched its new ST. CROIX POPULATION DATABASE 1734-1917.  It's a searchable, virtual archive, currently consisting of 1.83 million biographical entries. (ENTER HERE)

This searchable site is a work in progress created by renowned historian/archivsit and professor emeritus at the University of Delaware. 
The site has a comprehensive collection of the history of those individuals and their families, who lived in the Virgin Islands.  A document follows the patrilineal (father's) line of the family..... carrying the surname (family name).
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Archives of the Danish West Indies

By Susan Laura Lugo, C.A.

Territorial Coordinator for Archives ... READ ARTICLE



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